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Planet Earth From Space

Planet Earth Wallpapers

Computer wallpaper backgrounds featuring images of Earth taken from orbit by satellite.

To download an earth wallpaper just click on the 'thumbnail' (small) sized image, this will show you a larger preview of the wallpaper. Then just pick the size / resolution that you require from the list on the right of the preview image.

Sizes range from 320x480 iPhone to 1680x1050 widescreen. When the wallpapers has loaded in the browser window, right click it and select 'save as wallpaper' or 'set as desktop background'.

Desktop Backgrounds & Wallpapers are for personal use only. You may not use them commercially or redistribute them.

Planet Earth Wallpaper

computer wallpaper of the snow covered alps from orbit by satalite

The Alps From Space

Planet Earth Wallpaper

desktop background of the Caucasus Moutains from orbit by satalite

Caucasus Mountains

HQ Computer Wallpaper

hq computer wallpaper of Central Park in New York taken from outer space

Central Park from Orbit

HQ Wallpaper Background

desktop wallpaper background of the sahara desert taken from orbit by satalite

Satellite Pic Sahara Desert

Computer Wallpaper Background

hi res desktop wallpapers of a flat earth image from space taken by satalite

Flat Earth From Orbit

Planet Earth Wallpapers

Hq computer Wallpapers of France taken from orbit by satalite camera

France From Space

Computer Background Picture

VHQ wallpaper background of Japan taken from orbit by satalite

Japan from Space

Satellite Image Wallpaper

computer wallpaper background of planet earth from space showing the African continent

Earth from Space Africa

Planet Earth Wallpaper

computer wallpaper background of planet earth from space showing the Asian continent

Earth from Space Asia

Planet Earth Background

view of northern England and Scotland from Orbit

Northern UK from Orbit

Satellite Image Desktop

Computer Wallpaper the South Western Usa from Space

South West USA

Computer Background Image

Computer background picture of hurricane storm clouds from space

Storm Clouds from Space

Desktop Wallpaper Image

typhoon clouds from orbit by satalite camera

Typhoon from Orbit

Planet Earth Desktop

hurricane cloud swirl off the coast of Mexico

Hurricane Coast Mexico

Storm Clouds Wallpaper

Earth globe from space showing the day / night divide

Dark Earth Globe

Storm Clouds Wallpaper

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