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Most of the photos on this site are available for commercial or personal licensing.
(A license just means i agree to let you use a photo - the type of use you intend defines the type of license)

Photos may be used for FREE as web banners / backgrounds providing a link back to my site is included on your site, preferably as a credit in the footer. (**see note below)

The credit text is up to you, but this link must be included as is....
<a href="">Computer Wallpapers</a>

**Notes on free usage.

1. Don't link to the images directly, this is called 'hot linking'. To use an image on your site you must download it from my site to your computer and then upload it to your server / site.
2. The full resolution tiffs and JPGs are not available for free usage. The sizes on this site are more than enough for web graphics.

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Terms and Conditions and Copyright info.
All the desktop backgrounds and computer wallpapers, images / photographs on this site are copyright Dave Massey. (except the Space Satalite images that are copyright NASA)
The images can be used as desktop background pictures on personal computers free of charge. No photograph may be reproduced, copied, stored, manipulated or used whole or in part of a derivative work without the written permission of the author. Wallpapers cannot be used on other websites as downloadable desktop wallpapers. Any other use is prohibited. For any other use of the images please visit the image licensing page for more information.

The free computer wallpapers are free for personal use only. You may not use them for commercial purposes or redistribute them.

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